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ÉDUCATION | Education


2018    Certificate in painting and drawing, Académie des Beaux-Arts, Montreal

2014    BFA in Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montreal



2022    TABULA RASA, Galerie Popop (Circa) curated by Rad Hourani, Montreal

2019    The Moon as it Sees Me, One Undone Gallery curated by Fabienne Parisien, Montreal

2019    Microcosm, Macrocosm, Ubisoft Gallery, Montreal

2019    The Space Within, AVE Gallery, Montreal

2018    Inner, Outer World, Le Livart Gallery (special performance by Baryton Gino Quilico), Montreal



2024    (to come), Centre Skol, Montreal

2023    Petit & Intime, Belgo, Montreal

2022    Cotillon, Wishbone Gallery, Montreal

2021    WE, Rad Hourani Gallery, Montreal

2021    Finding Sanctuary, Visionary Art Collective (Online), New York    

2021    Carnet_01, Marie-Uguay Cultural Center, Montreal

2021    Ribboned Rainbow, Jano Lapin Gallery, Montreal

2020    Inner Landscapes, Archive Contemporary, Montreal

2020    Mystical Toolbox, Stewart Hall Cultural Center curated by Anaïs Castro, Montreal

2019    There is Only One Mind Dreaming this Universe, ARTCH at Square Dorchester, Montreal

2018    We are Where, Conceptual Ephemeral Location curated by FEAT Management, Montreal

2015    London Photo Festival, The Crypte, London (ENG)

2014    Finally, VAV Gallery curated by Raymonde April & Geneviève Cadieux, Montreal


COLLECTIONS | Collections 


Colart (CA)

Ubisoft (CA)

Jacques Champagne (CA)


ENCANS ET FOIRES | Auctions and fairs


2020    Auction, Les Encans de la Quarantaine, Montreal

2020    Fundraisor, Virtual Auction for Festival International du Film (FIFA), Montreal

2019    Annual Fair, Affordable Art Fair, Brussels (BEL) - with gallery Arteria

2019    Annual Fair, Affordable Art Fair of Battersea Spring, London (ENG) - with gallery Arteria

2019    Fundraiser, Parle-moi d’Amour for Les Impatients Fondation, Montreal

2018    Annual Fair, Market Art and Design, The Hamptons (USA) - with gallery Arteria

AUTRES EXPERIENCE DANS LA COMMUNAUTÉ ARTISTIQUE| Other experience in the art community


2021    Foundation of  “Roze Umbra” where spirituality meets art as a means to transform the “Self”

2021    Youtube Channel, Alex Coma’s World: Art and Spirituality

2021    Album Cover Commission, Joep Beving (Deutsch Grammophon), Amsterdam (NL)

2019    Volunteer Work, Help Coordinator for La Foire Papier, Montreal

2019    Painting Assistant, Painting Production for established artist Hajra Waheed, Montreal

2019    Internship, Clark Center, Montreal


RÉSIDENCES | Residencies 


2022         Aurigin, Research Residency, Villalonga (SP)

2020        Jaguar Luna, Research Residency, Agua Buena (CR)

2019        One Undone, Research Residency, Montreal


PRIX ET BOURSES | Awards and grants 


2020        Grant, Cheminement Vers l’Excellence en Arts, Granby City

2017        Grant, Jeune-Volontaire, Gouvernement du Quebec, Montreal

2017        Award, Académie des Beaux-Arts de Montreal, Montreal



2023    “A Day in the Life” with Montreal Visual Artist Alex Coma, Emilea Semancik 2023/08/23 

2022    The Belgo Report/ “Alex Coma: Tabula Rasa”, Kara Williams 2022/10/12 

2022    La Presse/ “Les expos de vos vacances”, Éric Clément 2022/07/23 

2021    Une Sorcière Comme les Autres - CISM Radio 89.3/ “L’art infuse de Spiritualité”, Emmanuelle Brousseau 2021/03/13 23:00 

2021    Sous la Fibre Podcast / "Pandémie: de l’art pour l’âme", interview with Claire- Marine Beha 2021/01/14

2020    Talk Gnosis/ "Talk Gnosis Art & the Esoteric w/ Alex Coma", Youtube Video Interview by Jonathan C. Stewart 2020/07/8 

2020    CBC Arts/ "Alex Coma’s massive Celestial Tapestry uses Sacred Geometry to Manifest the Future", Video interview by March Mercanti 2020/07/15 

2020    The Earth Issue Magazine London/ "Anicca: Flowers of Impermanence", publication 2020/5/01 

2020    Vie des Arts / "Sur le mystique, l’insaisissable et le pouvoir spirituel de l’art : entretien autour de l’exposition Trousse Mystique", Eve Laliberté & Anaïs Castro Éric Legendre. #258, Printemps 2020,

2020     Radio Centre-Ville 102.3 fm/ "Une entrevue avec l’artiste Humaniste Alex Coma", Magazine Radio In Situ  by Chantal L’Heureux 2020/03/18 13pm- 14pm

2020    The Gazette/ "Mystical Toolbox tackles esoteric elements in contemporary Art Culture", Carolyn Boll 2020/02/24 

2019    CBC Radio 88.5 fm/ “Interview with Alex Coma for ARTCH ”, Brian Lapuz 2019/09/13 17:00 

2019    La Presse/ “Rentrée Culturelle: l’art moissonne dans les galeries! ”, Éric Clément 2019/09/3 

2019    La Presse/ “Quand l’artiste tue son ego”, Éric Clément 2019/02/10  

2019     La Presse/ “La galerie AVE, couveuse d’artistes dans Saint-Henri”, Éric Clément 2019/02/06

2018    The Concordian/ “Inner, Outer Worlds collide”, Youmna El Halabi 2018/10/9

2018    The Concordian/ “Hidden gems just off a street cornere”, Youmna El Halabi 2018/09/11

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